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Spiritualist Canadian Artist style:
fantasy-symbolism to spiritual-surrealism art pictures

My pictures style, goes from fantasy - symbolism to spiritual - surrealism . I wish to create and bring to life deep feelings and emotions on my canvases. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of human experiences.

For over 20 years, I've devoted myself to teaching art. Through my teaching, I experiment with gestures, techniques and expressive approaches, helping young people to discover themselves and to reveal themselves through visual arts.

Then, around the age of forty, I was struck by the desire to produce and not only to help produce. For all these years, I produced very little for myself. I acquired all kinds of experience and at the same time a certain maturity. My soul demanded to be liberated. It became an urgent need, a kind of therapy… I didn't have to look very far to find my pictorial universe since it's within me, very close and asking only to be revealed.

As an example , my painting ( La vie a l'arrivee - The end of life ) I had just learned that my mother had cancer, it touched me so much and made me think about life. If you take a good look at this picture you will find a lot of symbols expressing my feelings at that time. . If you look attentively at the composition, you'll notice that it's in shape of a big 8 the symbol of infinity. For I believe life goes on for ever, it continues with your soul and in those that you left behind the ones you have influenced. That's why I have put a print of a hand (in yellow) behind the principal hand, it's a reference to the printed hands in the prehistoric caves. it reflects a shadow of what was left to humanity. As you can see, my paintings are very symbolic, therefore you need time to study them . my pictures are usually reflecting thoughts, feelings, and meditation... For me the purpose of my art it's not just for the beauty of it, it's even more for say something.

This is how I can describe the creation proccess. I combed and always painted by instinct, sensitivement and emotivement, sometimes the emotions are so intense that I have tears in the eyes... When I analyze my process of creation, I realize that I often begin with an idea or Image guide line in my head, it can be a subject from actuality , an emotion, a feeling etc. Then, I prepare my background, textures, set of colors etc. that's a first contact with my canvas. By doing this, I mediate on my subject ( more by the spiritual emotion it bring me than by the sketch and research symbolic system). It does not come always easily; I create the pigments, erases, start again, rotate, change things, take retreat, redraws... That takes several hours or days before I have some satisfaction, I need a certain fusion with my canvas. Then with certain level of meditation, I become very concentrate and the image immerge out on the canvas, my ideas are transposed in symbols corresponding to the message which I want to deliver and has my vision of the world in it. I complete with my artistic values .when I finished, it's a feeling of release...
Diane Tremblay Original artworks gallery Spiritualist Canadian artist from Quebec, paintings Symolism Surrealism, Fantasy new age spiritualism.

surrealism style examples of my ArtWorks

Enigmatic Aisha Life The end of life

The surrealism or surrealist pictures artworks of the spiritualist Diane Tremblay from surreal Fantasy to spiritual - symbolism, her FineArt works reflecting deep feelings and high spirituality paintings and sculptures, Limited Edition, Original draws / drawing, poster / posters present meditation / meditative women, Fantastic moderns contamporer art. Symbolic acrylics, pencil, copies of known artists, arts nouveau framed canvas paints, contemporary artistique signatures famous artists painter American freelance, free gallery galleries image and images, photo picture, exhibition national Canada Quebec Montreal St-Jean sur richelieu St-Luc , tole acrilic / acrylique technique. pastel ink pastels cryion color , artistique, Fantasm, Surealism, spiritualism, symbolistism of angel / angels, spirit, mystic, surreal , surealistic spiritualistic spiritualism symbol , symbolistic expresionism, contemporer new age / newage, reflecting ,reflect deeps feelings highest decoration Limited Edition drawings, fantastic surreals, modern arts nouveau.
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