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Meet the artist Diane, creator of this  gallery!
Meet the artist Diane, creator of this  gallery!

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My style, even though I don't like to label things, goes from expressionist-symbolism to spiritualism-surrealism . I wish to create and bring to life deep feelings and my woman emotions on my canvases. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of all the human experiences.

This is how I can describe the creation proccess. I combed and always painted by instinct, sensitivement and emotivement, sometimes the emotions are so intense that I have tears in the eyes...

When I analyze my process of creation, I realize that I often begin with an idea or Image guide line in my head, it can be a subject from actuality , an emotion, a feeling etc. Then, I prepare my background, textures, set of colors etc. that's a first contact with my canvas. By doing this, I mediate on my subject ( more by the emotion it bring me than by the sketch and research symbolic system). It does not come always easily; I create the pigments, erases, start again, rotate, change things, take retreat, redraws... That takes several hours or days before I have some satisfaction, I need a certain fusion with my canvas. Then with certain level of meditation, I become very concentrate and the image immerge out on the canvas, my ideas are transposed in symbols corresponding to the message which I want to deliver and has my vision of the world in it. I complete with my artistic values .when I finished, it's a feeling of release...

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