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I am In a search for visual spiritual art / artist collaboration.

Hello all, thanks for take the time to read this.

What I hope do to is to create a web site for the contemporary spiritual art ( I didn't find any real spiritual art - artists group site yet, on the net.. there are lot of fake and kitschy spiritualism sites, if any one know about any real spiritualistic group of visual arts sites, please let me know...).

I want to create kind of virtual spiritualism home, only for the visual spiritualistic style.

I don't know if it's kind of new style or just another version of something older but I feel that there isn't any good describing for my style, It's kind of symbolism but it's more it's kind of surrealistic style but not just, it's kind of expressionism and fantasy but with this spiritualistic messages. So I call it spiritualism or Spiritualistic style. I can't find this category any where, so the most close is symbolism for me, yet for me it's kind of symbolic arts but for or from the metaphysical world.

So I'm in a search for this kind of artist. Hopefully when I will find more, I will create this new site, for the benefit of all of the spiritualism visual arts of the world.

I all ready find some very good artists that I think will fit to this painting style very well. It can be, that not all want to be involve in such artistic connection, maybe from fear, maybe because they don't know that they are like that yet, any way I have a strong feeling that this can create a new artistic movement in thw world, In my opinion we are here for say something, not just for make money or make nice decorations...

We aren't from the same place nor from the same background, not from the same religious, may not so good in words or writing, but we don't need to write or say what we feel and the knoladge we have, we got another tool, a gift just for that, and it's in the universal language of visualart.

I believe that we must reach out and connect to others, where ever they are. give the message of the metaphysical world. The Internet is the perfect tool, that can help us to reach this goal.

The way I see it, the first step is to find as much as possible artists in this style. Then, create a web page with one work of each artist on one subject that touch us all. After that, we can create more pages on other subjects. When we will have good number of pages on all kind of subjects. We will have a new web site.

I'll try to do it for free...

Thank you so much for read all that
Let me know what you think about this.
Diane Tremblay
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