Vie ( Life ) 2000
10" x 12" Acrylique
This is my interpretation of my picture "LIFE"

I painted the hands of "a God" offering the life.
The life is represented by an egg in a barge. I chose the barge for it's "uterine" shape but also because it represents the life that one lives and that every individual is master of his own destiny.

Attached to the barge, lies a rope that remember the umbilical cord cut at birth separating the mother from her child.

Flying around the barge, the birds symbolize all the people that we meet and fallow us throughout our lifetime.This includes those who influence us.

A little bit lower in the picture, I represented the biological side of life; female (ovules) and male (spermatozoids).

A step lower, the sea is the water where first life came from. It's also with that idea that I represented a mermaid. Her "fish part" is the beginning of life on earth and her woman part; the one who carries life and gives birth.

This original painting art work is for sale for more details send me an e-mail please.

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( copy size: 8" x 11" )

30 days money back guaranty
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