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Diane Tremblay - General information

Born in 1957 in Chicoutimi, Quebec , Canada.
Received degree in art (teaching) from the university of Quebec, in Chicoutimi.
Has been teaching art in E.S.M.C, Iberville, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada. since 1979.

2011: "Salon Rouge" Bibliotheque Municipale, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
2008-2009:solo-exhibition at the Wellington Gallery, Aurora ( Toronto ), Ontario, Canada
2006: solo-exhibition at the town gallery, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec
2005: solo-exhibition at the Restaurant "Le Commensale", Longueil, Quebec
2004: solo-exhibition at the town gallery, La Prairie, Quebec.
2003: solo-exhibition at the "Coop de solidarite Artistique", St-Jean, Quebec.
2003: solo-exhibition at the "Le Théâtre de Grand-Pré", L'Acadie, Quebec.
2001: solo-exhibition at Cote-des-Neiges Community center, Montreal, Quebec.
2000: solo-exhibition at the town gallery Boucherville, Quebec.
2000: solo-exhibition at the art cultural center, Chicoutimi , Quebec..
1999: solo-exhibition at the St-Luc library town gallery, Quebec.
1993: solo-exhibition at the expo-commerce of Haut-Richelieu, Quebec.

2012: "Rendez-vous DES ARTS" - St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
2010: Expo "A la maniere de... " des membres de Art[O], Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que'bec, Canada
2010: Festival international des Mongolfieres, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
2004: The arts of Haut Richelieu, Arto, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
2004: "Rencontre des Arts", St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
2004: membres exhibition of Art[O], Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que'bec, Canada
2004: #9 Art symposium of Haut Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
2004: Expo "Red like..." Gallery ART[O], St-Jean-Sur Richelieu, Quebec.
2004 Art Centre "La Maison Sous Les Arbres", Iberville.
2003: SYMPOSIUM D'ARTS du Haut Richelieu, Iberville,Quebec.
2003: Château Dufresne Montréal,Quebec.
2003: Expo contest of La Prairie, Quebec.
2002: Arts without borders, St-Jean sur Richelieu, Quebec.
2002: La Feria picturale du Quebec, St-Agathe Des Monts, Quebec.
2002: Expo membres of the "Coop de solidarite Artistique", St-Jean, Quebec
2002: The Castel of the Ducs de Duras, Aquitaine, France.
2001: Gallery North Country Cultural Center for the Art, Plattsburg, U.S.A
2001: Gallery Council of the arts for Clinton County., U.S.A
2001: Symposium FestivArt at Frelighsburg. Quebec.
2001: The Fine Art International show of Montreal. Quebec.
2001: Expo contest of La Prairie, Quebec.
2000: "Marché Bonsecours", Montréal.
2000: Galerie Z, Notre-Dame ouest, Montréal.

Honours, Awards, Events

* Rencontre des arts 2004,Jury's first special mention
* Jury member of the Expo contest of La Prairie. 2003
* Picture choose for be print on the wishing cards of M. Claude Bachand, federal deputy of St-Jean. 2003
* Gold medal at the Fine Art autumn International show of Montreal. 2002
* Administration Member of the Cooperative De solidarite Artistique et culturelle du Haut-Richelieu. 2002-2003
* Member of the "Cercle des Artistes Peintres et Sculpteurs du Quebec" 2002-2003.
* Represent Quebec at the "Art across the border", U.S.A 2001
* Participation at the Cultural days of Quebec, 2001-2003
* The "Moisson du frere Jerome" trophy 1998.
* 2 first prizes in sculpture, Chicoutimi 1977.

Experiences and artistic events:

2017: Art committee member at Art [O]: Exhibitions and exhibitor selection.
2017: Work "Gaya" chosen as cover of the book: "Once upon a dream: A child's tale of magic" by Joseph Fuller.
2014: Mentor for the event "Plumes et Pinceaux", International Festival of Hot-air balloons, with Mr. Jean Rioux. Member of Parliament.
2016: Mentor for the event "Plumes et Pinceaux", Festival of Hot-air balloons with Mrs. Patricia Poissant, president of the Festival. The work won the "Coup de Coeur" award from the public.
2016: Wooden Christmas mural for Boutique Portic, Bishop Street, Montreal. Artistic Advisor and Creative Artist with Mr. Patrick Monast, Artist and Project Director
2016: Sculptures on snow: Celebration of the 350th of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.Artistic Advisor and Creative Artist with Mr. Patrick Monast, Artist and Project Director
2014: Creation of an aluminum scuplture marking the 125th anniversary of the arrival of the Marist Brothers in Canada.
Created the Ateliers Artifice .
Graphics for music album covers ( as for the singer Claude Dubois and others).
Graphics for kids Books covers.
Decorations for schools, plays and restaurants.
"Guide de Roussan", 2001 & 2002
Agenda "Plumes et Pinceaux", 2002.
Artist Painters Official Repertory, 1999
Cover Page , "Ma belle histoire d'adoption" Anne Leith, 1994.
Media Coverage at C.B.J. Radio Canada, Progres-Dimanche, Canada Francais 1998-2001

Artistic Development

I grew up in Chicoutimi surrounded by the love of art. When I was very young, I was introduced to works of art from local painters as Arthur Villeneuve, Rene Gagnon, Carette, J.H. Barette, Barbeau and especially the artist who had the most meaning for me, my mother. Curious by nature, I expressed myself in almost all the mediums stopping at acrylic that I love for its infinite range of possibilities.

For over fifteen years, I've devoted myself to teaching art. Through my teaching, I experiment with gestures, techniques and expressive approaches, helping young people to discover themselves and to reveal themselves through visual arts.

Then, around the age of forty, I was struck by the desire to produce and not only to help produce. For all these years, I produced very little for myself. I acquired all kinds of experience and at the same time a certain maturity. My soul demanded to be liberated. It became an urgent need, a kind of therapy… I didn't have to look very far to find my pictorial universe since it's within me, very close and asking only to be revealed.

My style, even though I don't like to label things, goes from expressionist-symbolism to spiritualism-surrealism . I wish to create and bring to life deep feelings and emotions on my canvases. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of human experiences.

This is how I can describe the creation process. I combed and always painted by instinct, sensitively and emotionally, sometimes the emotions are so intense that I have tears in the eyes...

When I analyze my process of creation, I realize that I often begin with an idea or Image guide line in my head, it can be a subject from actuality , an emotion, a feeling etc. Then, I prepare my background, textures, set of colors etc. that's a first contact with my canvas. By doing this, I mediate on my subject ( more by the spiritual emotion it bring me than by the sketch and research symbolic system). It does not come always easily; I create the pigments, erases, start again, rotate, change things, take retreat, redraws... That takes several hours or days before I have some satisfaction, I need a certain fusion with my canvas. Then with certain level of meditation, I become very concentrate and the image immerge out on the canvas, my ideas are transposed in symbols corresponding to the message which I want to deliver and has my vision of the world in it. I complete with my artistic values .when I finished, it's a feeling of release...

As an example , my painting ( La vie a l'arrivee - The end of life )

I had just learned that my mother had cancer, it touched me so much and made me think about life. If you take a good look at this picture you will find a lot of symbols expressing my feelings at that time. . If you look attentively at the composition, you'll notice that it's in shape of a big "8", the symbol of infinity. For I believe life goes on for ever, it continues with your soul and in those that you left behind the ones you have influenced. That's why I have put a print of a hand (in yellow) behind the principal hand, it's a reference to the printed hands in the prehistoric caves. it reflects a shadow of what was left to humanity. As you can see, my paintings are very symbolic, therefore you need time to study them . my pictures are usually reflecting thoughts, feelings, and meditation... For me the purpose of my art it's not just for the beauty of it, it's even more for say something.

Diane Tremblay

Diane Tremblay - in the news
news Diane Tremblay 2008

Diane Tremblay - in the news 14-4-2004
La peintre et sculpteure Diane Tremblay
a ?t? juge ? l'Expo-concours de La Prairie,
en novembre dernier. (Photo - Francis Higgins)

Le Reflet - Edition du 24 avril 2004
Francis Higgins: La Prairie - Diane Tremblay propose une r?trospective de sa carri?re de peintre au complexe Saint-Laurent ? La Prairie, jusqu'au 28 mai.

La r?sidante de Saint-Luc expose une vingtaine de ses ?uvres dans le hall. Elle les appelle ses «coups de c?ur», des toiles ? grand format qui repr?sentent diverses ?tapes de ses sept ann?es comme peintre. Les prix de ses tableaux varient de 350 $ ? 4 000 $.

Plusieurs styles de moulage et de papier m?ch? sont surexpos?s ? la peinture ? l'acrylique pour ajouter du relief. Par exemple, une ?uvre est orn?e de quatre visages entre trois dimensions. Une autre contient un collage de photographies prises deux semaines apr?s les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 ? New York.

«J'aime beaucoup l'acrylique parce que ?a s?che rapidement et les couleurs sont belles et vives, a-t-elle expliqu?. Je m'inspire de tout ce qui touche mes ?motions, la plan?te, les enfants. J'utilise beaucoup les symboles. Je travaille toujours de fa?on r?fl?chie, mes ?uvres ont une signification.»

Originaire de Chicoutimi, Mme Tremblay n'est pas ?trang?re ? La Prairie. En effet, elle a ?t? juge ? l'Expo-concours en novembre dernier. De plus, elle fait de la sculpture depuis de nombreuses ann?es.

L'artiste enseigne la peinture ? l'?cole secondaire Marcellin-Champagnat ? Iberville.

Il est possible de voir plusieurs de ces tableaux sur son site Web www.dianeart.com.

news Diane Tremblay recontre 2004

Diane Tremblay - in the news 14-4-2004

Diane Tremblay - in the news

Diane Tremblay - in the news

Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news
Diane Tremblay - in the news

Here are some good memories from Diane's Carrier as an Artist

Diane Tremblay in the formation of ARTO - 2002

moi et la toile d'Helen._Mission accomplie

Diane Tremblay won price for her art work 11-Sep-2001.jpg

Diane Tremblay won First price for her art work The little fairy - 1998

Diane Tremblay with one of her teachers the Artist Gean-guy Barbeau

Diane Temblay first exposition in the USA.jpg

Diane Tremblay working on one of her sculptures 1990

Diane Tremblay in the creation of her art work - the life 2003

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