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Malkuth or Shekhinah the female spirit of God named also Gaia

48" x 48" Medium mixtes (Mixed-medium)

Malkuth or Shekhinah the female spirit of God named also Gaia, PLANÈTE BLEUE ( BLUE PLANET )

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I called this painting PLANE`TE BLEUE ( BLUE PLANET ) but now I know that it's could have many names as the Kabalistic element from the tree of life "Malkuth",( when I made it I didn't had any cleu about the "Kabbalah" . )

The faces are gypsy masks I made from real kids faces, Chinese (of my adopted girl) Black and 2 White kids, they can present that we are all the kids of Adam and eve, we are all as kids in learning process here on earth. color of skin have no importance and I present here the 4 major races black, white, Asiatic and Indian. for present the equality of all the people of the earth.

I also put the 4 physics elements fire, air, earth and water, and also the fifth element the soul/spirit inside the earth.

Here are some paragraphs from real Kabalists that can describe what "Malkuth" is

"The magical image of Malkuth is that of a young woman crowned and throned. The woman is Malkah, the Queen, Kallah, the Bride. She is the inferior mother, a reflection and realisation of the superior mother Binah. She is the Queen who inhabits the Kingdom, and the Bride of the Microprosopus. She is Gaia, Mother Earth, but of course she is not only the substance of this world; she is the body of the entire physical universe.

The female quality of Malkuth is often identified with the Shekhinah, the female spirit of God in the creation, and Kabbalistic literature makes much of the (carnal) relationship of God and the Shekhinah. Waite [7] mentions that the relationship between God and Shekhinah is mirrored in the relationship between man and woman, and provides a great deal of information on both the Shekhinah and what he quaintly calls "The Mystery of Sex".

Malkuth is the sphere of the physical elements and Kabbalists still use the four-fold scheme which dates back at least as far as Empedocles and probably the Ark. The four elements correspond to four readily-observable states of matter:

solid - earth, liquid - water, gas - air, plasma - fire/electric arc (lightning)

In addition it is not uncommon to include a fifth element so rarified and arcane that most people (self included) are pushed to say what it is; the fifth element is aethyr (or ether) and is sometimes called spirit.

Tiphereth - Fire
Hod - AIR
yesod - Aethyr
Netzach - Water
Malkuth - Earth

Aethyr or Spirit is enigmatic, and I tend to think of it in terms of the forces which bind matter together. It is almost certainly a coincidence (but nevertheless interesting) that there are four fundamental forces - gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear & strong nuclear - known to date, and current belief is that they can be unified into one fundamental force.
the Qlippoth are to be found everywhere: in relationships, at work, at play, in ritual, in society. Whenever something dies and people refuse to recognise that it is dead, and cling to the lifeless husk of whatever it was, then you get a Qlippah. For this reason one of the vices of Malkuth is Avarice, not only in the sense of trying to acquire material things, but also in the sense of being unwilling to let go of anything, even when it has become dead and worthless. The Qlippah of Malkuth is what you would get if the Sun went out: Stasis, life frozen into immobility.

Some people think skin colour is a real measure of intelligence; some don't. Some people think gender is a real measure of ability; some don't. Some people judge on appearances; some don't. There is clearly a difference between a bottle of beer and a bottle of piss, but is the colour of the *bottle* important? What *is* important? What differences are real, what matters? How much energy do we devote to things which are "not real".

The image of Malkuth as Mother Earth provides a link between "Kabbalah" and a numinous archetype with a deep significance for some. The image of Malkuth as physical substance provides a link into the sciences, and it is the case that at the limits of theoretical physics one's intuitions seem to be slipping and sliding on the same reality as in "Kabbalah" ."

I took it from this page , you can visit it for learn more about the "Kabbalah" (CABALAH)http://digital-brilliance.com/kab/nok/q4.txtNotes on "Kabbalah" , Release 2.0, Copy date: 12th. January 1992, Copyright Colin Low 1992 (cal@hplb.hpl.hp.com)

Here is another way to look at this painting as a Primordial Archetypes
"Primordial Archetypes: The most ancient and removed from our conception of ‘what is’. These are sentient archetypes which have never been attached to an ensouled being. Their ‘consciousness’ is omni-present and not consigned to a persona or personalization. This consciousness was created through angelic resonance or ‘sounding’ in the creational fires of the universe. Some of these Primordials were drawn to this planet through the Earth’s own creation-resonance; and since then, they have become mutable with our planetary consciousness. An example of such an archetype is Sekhmet. She has also been expressed as Ishtar, Innana and Kali; and is revealed in several other cultural formats. Yet they all represent the same Primordial archetype. Most ‘Earth descended’ Primordials are not known to us, for they have not survived the pen of historians.

Primordial archetypes are largely a power, a force of a specific qualification. To broaden the stroke of the brush in painting you a picture of a Primordial, we will profile the most dynamic one of our world: ‘Gaia’ or the Earth Herself. Within this planet resides a Primordial being. Her ‘body’ is the planet we live upon. We may speak poetically of the ‘soul of the Earth’, but in fact we are Her soul; and She our archetypal vessel into Spirit. When summoning or working with a Primordial archetype, one must first have clarity in their intent and a measure of balance within their duality. If not, the ancient, creative forces of these beings will devour the personal shell we fondly call our ‘identity’. This would be a positive transformation if that soul were spiritually evolved to the level of accepting such a ‘leap into the void’. If not, it could be a seriously dis-orienting experience. Thus, it is best to interact with Primordials with the intent that you are not wishing to draw the whole being into your experience, but only that portion which your ‘self’ can integrate. As with all sentient archetypes, intent is the program manager of the cosmic web in which they dwell."

From http://www.spiritmythos.org/TM/GF/gf_indx.html

This is part of Email I got from a "Kabbalah" teacher

"Blue Planet is definitely full of Kabbalistic symbolism. The woman (Eve,Malkhut) is entwined with vines (= etz ha daat tov ve ra). She holds the world in her hands because Malkhut is the Malkah of this world (Tiferet is Melekh, the etz ha hayyim. But he is further removed from this world. Malkhut is the closest one to us).

The sleeping figure at the center of the globe represents man's dormant spiritual potential, which she always tries to awaken, both with the etz ha daat and the mayim hayim. He is "encased" in gashmiyut, materialism... and only she can awaken him (it is the counterpart of the sleeping beauty myth).

The water is the most profound symbol of all. In the Lurianic "Kabbalah" (Ariza"l), everything depends on "mayin nukbin" (mayyim shel ha nekevah)... It's hard to explain by email... (Notice the ten squares or boxes = 10 sefirot).

Now the most amazing thing of all: the four faces on the right. To me, they seem to be almost lifeless, like human skulls. Now, in the most difficult section of the Zohar, the Idra Rabba and Idra Zutra, we learn about these "skulls" ... Those texts are extremely difficult to interpret, and I am not able to interpret them in the painting either. "

From Mr. Michael Samson. formerly taught "Kabbalah" at Concordia, Bishop's and Queens, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mr. Michael Samson give free corses of "Kabbalah" at , Montreal . you can contact him directly for more information at ms9797ms@yahoo.com

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