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Diane is a specialists in Spiritual paintings pictures that depict Spiritualistic feelings. She is painting in kind of meditation and call it Spiritualism, her artworks created with lot of prespiritual preparations. Diane's style is mix of Spiritualism Symbolism surrealism and fantasy . she create her artworks mostly with acrylic on canvas but also does pencil and pastel drawings in her unique Spiritualistic symbolic way. you can see some samples of angels pictures in this page.

This is the way she describe the creation proccess. I combed and always painted by instinct, sensitivement and emotivement, sometimes the emotions are so intense that I have tears in the eyes...
When I analyze my process of creation, I realize that I often begin with an idea or Image guide line in my head, it can be a subject from actuality , an emotion, a feeling etc. Then, I prepare my background, textures, set of colors etc. that's a first contact with my canvas. By doing this, I mediate on my subject ( more by the spiritualistique emotion it bring me than by the sketch and research symbolic system). It does not come always easily; I create the pigments, erases, start again, rotate, change things, take retreat, redraws... That takes several hours or days before I have some satisfaction, I need a certain fusion with my canvas. Then with certain level of meditation, I become very concentrate and the image immerge out on the canvas, my ideas are transposed in symbols corresponding to the message which I want to deliver and has my vision of the world in it. I complete with my artistic values .when I finished, it's a feeling of release...

This is my original text as I wrote it in French:
"Je peignais et peints toujours par instinct, sensitivement et emotivement , et parfois les emotions sont si intenses que j'ai les larmes aux yeux...
Quand j'analyse mon processus de creation, je realise que je commence souvent avec en tete une ligne directrice; un sujet d'actualite, une emotion, un feeling etc. Puis , je prepare mon canevas, cre un fond, des textures, jeu de couleurs etc.C'est un premier contact avec ma toile. Ce faisant, je medite sur mon sujet (autant par l'esprit que par le croquis et la recherche symbolique,). Ca ne vient pas toujours facilement ; j'applique le pigment, efface , recommence, m'enerve, m'enrage , prends du recul, redessine...Cela prend plusieurs heures, voir jours avant que j'atteigne, ce que je dirais , une certaine fusion avec ma toile. Puis a un certain niveau de meditation, je deviens tres concentree et l'image se cre, mes idees se transposent en symboles correspondant au message que je veux livrer et a ma vision du monde. Je complete avec mes valeurs artistiques.Quand j'ai fini, c'est un feeling de liberation..."

Diane Tremblay, Canadian Artist working medium and Spiritualist Artist. Available to be booked for, spiritualistic artistic creation of private art works.

Diane Tremblay

The end of life
For over 20 years, I've devoted myself to teaching art. Through my teaching, I experiment with gestures, techniques and expressive approaches, helping young people to discover themselves and to reveal themselves through visual arts.

Then, around the age of forty, I was struck by the desire to produce and not only to help produce. For all these years, I produced very little for myself. I acquired all kinds of experience and at the same time a certain maturity. My soul demanded to be liberated. It became an urgent need, a kind of therapy… I didn't have to look very far to find my pictorial universe since it's within me, very close and asking only to be revealed.

My style, even though I don't like to label things, goes from expressionist-symbolism to spiritualism-surrealism . I wish to create and bring to life deep feelings and emotions on my canvases. In fact, I would like to paint the atmosphere of human experiences.

As an example , my painting ( La vie a l'arrivee - The end of life ) I had just learned that my mother had cancer, it touched me so much and made me think about life. If you take a good look at this picture you will find a lot of symbols expressing my feelings at that time. . If you look attentively at the composition, you'll notice that it's in shape of a big "8", the symbol of infinity. For I believe life goes on for ever, it continues with your soul and in those that you left behind the ones you have influenced. That's why I have put a print of a hand (in yellow) behind the principal hand, it's a reference to the printed hands in the prehistoric caves. it reflects a shadow of what was left to humanity. As you can see, my artworks are very symbolic, therefore you need time to study them . my arts are usually reflecting thoughts, feelings, and meditation... For me the purpose of my arts it's not just for the beauty of it, it's even more for say something.

For more about DianeTremblay and her fineart works please visit her sites:
http://DianeArt.com or http://DianeTremblay.com (FLASH site)

Here are some of my angels artworks, for more about this artworks please click on them.

http://DianeArt.com/angel.html Angel 1

http://DianeArt.com/angel2.html Angel 2

http://DianeArt.com/angel3.html Angel 3

http://DianeArt.com/angel4.html Angel 4

This painting was realised by command; The left size presenting the angel associated to the person by his birth date, and the right part is presenting his hobbies and his professional interest. If you wish, I can create an angel for you, or your dears. For more information send me an e-mail with his/her birth date, interests, hobbies, work, etc...

http://DianeArt.com/angel5.html Angel 5

http://DianeArt.com/angel6.html Angel 6

http://DianeArt.com/angel7.html Angel 7

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