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Art Students and artists about Spiritual art

John - Lubbock, TX
I think that art can be defined as a channel in which one can discover himself, and in so doing, frees his spirit to flow through a work.

F. L. Metzler - Boulder City, NV
Art is spiritual if the Painter has soul.

Ann - Seattle, WA
Creative energy is channelled from outside the body. To work creatively, one connects with the power of everything in what can only be called being "part of" the world. It reflects our unity instead of seperateness, which is the essense of spirituality. The power is one, the expression is individual and unique. I feel that when I lose track of time, or myself and my own selfishness, is when I am the most creative and the most spiritual.

Inga Miller - Norfolk, England
I am very interested in art and spirituality, writing my degree paper on creativity in art and creative living in 1982 for my degree in fine art. Having been thrilled to find kindred spirits on Art21 on my new computer, having been looking for years, I thought you might like to hear about the following: -At a conference here in England (GB), run by Portsmouth School of Art and Design in Winchester, on a theme on the relationship and understanding of a link between Spirituality and Art, talks covered, the spiritual art of the African Lobi people, exploration of the act of their own creativity by two young artists,and finally,two talks on the spiritulity observed in the works of Anish Kapoor and Jacob Epstein. At the end of the meeting one delegate, an ex-primary teacher, quaker, artist and mother of four, got up and suggested that the practice of ALL the arts throughout schooling, would positively open-up the way for young peopl's knowledge of spirituality THROUGH EXPERIENCE first, by 'doing' art,secondly by promoting an understanding of values through observing and discussing works of art,and, most importantly of all, by ensuring pupils understanding of SYMBOLISM. Both art and religion use SYMBOLISM as the best means of human communication, and an ability to interpret the symbolism of the different faiths would not only expose their similarities, but would provoke young peoples understanding and interest in their own need to think about, and decide for themselves, their own 'creed', or way of living. I would suggest this happens BEFORE leaving school - "The Art of Living" as a greater school leaving qualification than we have at present. Greetings, INGA. ps. Looking forward to hearing from you across the great Atlantic Ocean in a matter of hours!

Virginia - Lancaster, MA
Is art spiritual? What is the relationship between art and spirituality? These and all other related questions Ibelieve can be answered by saying that, alot of it depends on the individual, what they have been raised to believe or what they have come to believe through their own life experiances. The relationship between art and spirituality can be as close as the fingers on one's hand or as far apart, and perhaps seemingly unrelated as one contenent from another. Where does spirituality lie, in the artist, viewer, art work, or creative process? Once again these questions can only be answered by the indivisual, but personly I believe that spirituality is the link that we develop between God and ourselves, that helps us face lifes challenges with a peace and reasurance we would other wise not have known and it lies with in us all.

Michael Alexander - Annapolis, MD
Art is the feelings and emotions of the artist; seen through her eyes, felt through his experiences, and conveyed in the words of the world; i.e. colour, light, and form. It even gives a career to those who are the critics; since something must be created before they have a job. I love art.

Robert Colborne - Attica, IN
Art is about everything in life. It is a life in its self. It is a grand dislay of the spirit.

Arlene O'Leary - Brooklyn, NY
All I know is when I draw, paint or sculpt a peace comes over me. I am my happiest when I'm creating something with my hands.

Bruno - Oakland, CA
In response to Denise in Mississippi: I've heard this argument before, that art is what separates humans from animals, and there's just no logic to it. By all indications animals have rich emotional lives, so why would anyone assume that it goes no further than that?

Jani Maleh-Hayes - Ocean, New Jersey
All art is spiritual, and all spirituality is art. If we, as artists, see art in everything, we look beyond the surface, we feel the spirit, and feel the need to communicate that spirit in whatever way we can.

Cay - Rome, Italy
Art is to live. Art is in everything.

Deborah Ostrowski - Ft. Myers, FL
Art and spirituality relate in what seems to me, in a very innate way. My thoughts on this topic agree with the feelings of most of the others that wrote in. (I sometimes feel overwhelming emotions as well, Mona-Troy, NY), when I paint. Feelings of great joy, peace, and a sense of contribution fill me with bliss. I have no proof of spirituality per se, except for what I personally feel as it is a truth. That to me is the comprehension of God within.

Cory Gundlach - Eureka, CA
In Signs and Symbols, George Ferguson mentions that images of strawberries and violets in art symbolize that the truly spiritual are always humble. As this applies to art in general, I think the humility that Ferguson references is supported by animists (as in Hmong culture) in general, and to a more specific degree, artists who find transcendence in the stuff of life itself. Asceticism, I think, adds to the spiritual power of art. Beyond the anthropocentricity of modernism, there is sacredness in life and nature, and a preciousness in our materials and tools. The ephemerality of life itself gestures toward the spiritual power of art. Some of it still speaks. As a language, it expands our consciousness to absorb life beyond linear thinking, which I think is in and of itself is a spiritual process whereby the weaving of images and concepts creates a synergy not unlike procreation itself. The synergy of the relationship between profound art and the viewer suggests that there is something quite ethereal at play in the exchange. Whether it is just the subconscious blossoming into the light of clear presence, or some kind of spiritual intervention, what we "get" from art is never enough. There is always something invisible at play with great art. Whether you call that stuff "spiritual power" or just academic "implicitness" will steer you in two directions. But only one perspective will assist you knowing better your own soul- if that is, you believe you have one.

SirPete - S. Lancaster, MA
Art is an individuals expression of thier own personal world. If thier world is spiritual, than so will be the art. However art is not in and of itself spiritual.

Kerry Thompson - Indiana
As we are created by the most talented artist himself, we naturally are projecting our thoughts, inner reflections, feelings through what we discover, at any period of time, and place those into a concentration, for a moment in time. All we have is given to each individually, to use, and develop as one chooses. Hence we exploring our own gift, and unwrapping it, as we develop, then returning our harvest to our God.

Sam Sigg - New Haven, CT
If human beings are spiritual (and I believe we are) then art is also, to a certain extent. Obviously, it also usually has a physical aspect, but the content, however poor or great it might be, is perforce of a spiritual/intellectual nature. The work was conceived and executed in concert with the mind and the heart (or center of being) of someone - even if it all flowed from intuition and in response to it. I would even say that art which tries to not be spiritual, is all the more so! It may not be the type of spirituality you like, but it will have come of the spirit within someone. This is interesting, because what is often considered "spiritual" art in the sense of religious art, can be sentimental, trite, boring - but art which is simply coming from spontaneity or hard and disciplined creativity with no religious intent whatsoever, can be the most marvelously rich, penetrating, enriching.

Denise - Mississippi
Man is the only animal that needs to do more than just eat, sleep, play and reproduce. When these needs are met, we must create. Is this not the spiritual part of man? Is this not the voice of our soul?

Murtuza - Tempe, AZ
Art is neither spiritual nor holy. It's just work. It's like fetching water from the river...or chopping wood for a fire.

Anna Wooten - Long Beach, CA
It is my opinion that what ever we make as artists does not really come through our minds as ego's go, that I created this, look at me. I feel that my higher meditative self received these idea's from God, or high power. I have been studying about angels and creativity. And I am also have become a member of the Unity movement. That we are spirit, soul and body and that God gives up the idea, when it gets to our ego we have take the gift of freewill and act on the idea, not as our idea, but as God's, so any art work I do, is not really mine, it is God's.

Chica N. Butta - Providence, RI
Though different concepts, art and spirituality are very much the same. Art is the flower that blooms from spirituality, for without the creativity there would be no art. Everytime sprituality is used to create something from nothing, true art is born.

Sara - Woodstock, IL
All I know is that as an artist myself, when I create art I feel a certain type of energy that I don't feel anywhere else, except when meditating, or doing yoga. I do believe it is spiritual for me. As for others, it is up to them to make their own decisions, I don't know how anyone else feels!

Javier Soriano - Brooklyn, NY
Me encanta la fotografia y eso es lo que hago. Por ahora la mayoria de mi trabajo lo he hecho tomando fotos a la naturaleza. Cuando estoy en el campo, en medio de esa tranquilidad; no solo disfruto tomar fotografias, pero tambien disfruto esa coneccion con mi parte espiritual.Para mi el arte es una terapia y me ayuda a estar saludable espiritual, mental y fisicamente. Durante mis exhbiciones la gente me ha hecho comentarios sobre lo que han sentido al ver mi trabajo y esos comentarios me indican que tambien ha pasado algo con ellos en la parte espiritual. Mi trabajo como artista es compartir la belleza, armonia, tranquilidad, etc. con otras personas. El arte ayuda a tranquilizar la mente, el alma y el cuerpo.

John Fronza - Atlanta, GA
Art is an extension of the soul, so yes, it is spiritual. Art allows us the ability to go through the "Portal of our Minds". It allows us the ability to feel, touch, see and think in so many different ways. It gives us joy, it gives us peace, it makes us angry, it makes us think. Since the beginning of the cave drawings it has made us understand or sometimes confuse each other. It puts us in touch with the world. Without art there would be nothing. Everything starts with a concept, a thought, and is usually followed by a sketch. From a spoon to a 747, it all starts in our mind and ends up on paper. Art gives us the ability to separate ourselves from the rest of natures creatures. Maybe if there where more artist running the world it would be a more peaceful place to live, and maybe with one stroke we could create less hatred in the world.

SA Murray - Los Angeles, CA
Yes Michele from Oakland - I echo your thoughts! My art saved my life and continues to give me the way to cope with the chaos in life. It clears out the cobwebs in my mind and the paintings are the best reflection of my soul. Creativity Heals!

Spirituality is the product of foggy thinking.

Matt Marxhausen - St. Paul, MN
Yes! Art can be nothing less than spiritual. Art, whether it is created by a professional or a novice, is something that comes from a place inside us. Art is a creation of an idea that the individual brings to reality. The ability to form an idea, develop it , and bring it into physical form, is what sets us apart from all other living things on this planet. The Bible states that we are the creations of God, created in His image. As such creations we have the ability to co-create with God. We have the inherited ability to manifest the thoughts and ideas that we carry with us. To share our artwork, whether it is painting, music, acting, sculpting, dance, or any other art form, is to share our inner selves with the rest of the world around us. We must always strive to develop our talents and abilities in art in whatever form we choose. Through the development of art we will become more clear about who we are on a personal level as well as a species.

Ramon - Silverthorne, CO
Art is definitely spiritual to me. Or rather it is a way to conduct and channel spiritual energies. Someone above said that the spiritual is about connection and communication. I agree. Expanding on that I'd also say that art is a mode of translation, of bringing the inner or invisible into the realm of the senses, so that the viewer can then take this into them, and stimulate their own spiritual energy. Without the channeling or the translation of some spiritual energy art is like shifting around letters in an alphabet, without the intention to put together words, or ever speak them. Pax.

Adelasie - Halcyon, CA
It is quite a pleasure to read other's comments on this subject, one that has been rattling around in my head for some time. As an artist, I find that the creative process itself connects me with some source of energy and inspiration that I do not understand but find completely trustworthy. Sometimes it leads me in the direction of personal exploration, and sometimes it leads me toward some more objective and collective quest. But it never lets me down. I begin to think that there is an inner world, a source, perhaps, of all creative inspiration, that I am learning to access by virtue of desire, practice, aspriation, and devotion to the process of revelation that I find occupies more and more of my time and attention. Perhaps in this inner world the personal and the impersonal merge, and the symbols we use to communicate, such as color, shape, line, (since I am a painter) communicate some universal truth, which I am beginning to discover, tiny piece by tiny piece.

Eric Swartz - Memphis, TN
To me the extent of spirituality in art can depend upon the purpose the artist intends. Art has a power that transcends linguistic and cultural barriers and it carries within it all of our most ancient archetypes. I find the deepest state of meditation when a work of art creates itself through me and I am merely a conduit that brings it into existence.

Mike Mallory - Everett, Washington
It appears that most of you think of the term "spirituality" as being about religion in some way. Perhaps being "spiritual" is a feature of being "religious". That is certainly a common use of the term. I feel more comfortable, however, giving the term "spirituality" a more mundane use. I think of "spirituality" as describing the way each of us apprehends our connection to the world. This can run the range from the less important - "I live on Bus Route A5" to the sublime - "I am a child of God" (pick your own phrase). At least one of the things that art attempts to become is a communication. Every communication offers you a connection to the world. Therefore, I view all art as spiritual (ie. connective). But, like the difference between bus routes and your relationship to God(dess)[if any], art runs the full range from Puppy Calendar Art to the sublimity of Richard Diebenkorn's "Ocean Park Series" (insert one of your own favorites). I find the more interesting questions to be: "Has art supported me in my struggle to be the best person I can be". I believe the answer is yes, but it is more interesting because the answer springs not from an examination of "art" as a kind of cultural object, but the interpretation of my relationship to art.

Jack Anderson - Newark, New Jersey
We are all given the ability to create, just as the Great Spirit created us. How far we take our creativity is up to each of us. As an artist, I draw my subject matter, colors and moods from deep within. I can't explain the process. All I know that once I complete a painting, I feel a sense of spiritual completion.

Ray Young Chu - Westminster, CO
If God has been in our experiences and life, we are shaped by those incidents. Through my opportunities to investigate Jesus Christ, He has shown Himself as real. Since that was the case, my art is shaped for His purpose in my life. Through the relationship, God is engraved in the art because He is speaks. Interactivity is what makes them go. If God is not real, then there would be no such things as spirituality at all. No one would have any experiences sculpting their beliefs in God. Lack of that would create made-up information and lies. It would not be common to the general. Know one could relate to that. We have seen how common spirituality is. Many experiencing the life changes of Christ. No one can argue that.

Susan Kellogg - Arlington, VA
This seems as good a place as any to share my ideas that "spiritual" is the word that the left brain has come up with to describe its awareness of and respect for the wordless activities, knowledge and power of the right brain. The right brain being that wonderful aspect of mind and self that sees everything, retains everything and doesn't lie about feelings and emotions associated with experience. "God" might be a word we evolved to contain (1) the formulation we have evolved in order to understand the communication among aspects of the mind, through the corpus collosum and other mediating mechanisms in the brain, and (2) to contain/explain the inexplicable powers of nature. Ancient thinkers/feelers must have found that it is important to give formal expression to these great powers both inner and outer; thus the development of art and religion. Art can be the high road into the wisdom of the right brain made visible. Religions are a way of structuring this innate process. [...] With these understandings one can be somewhat free from manipulation by those under the sway of religions gone bad, especially of the fundamentalist variety who lose their bearings (which should be based upon societal good). I have come to think that any attempt then to speak "for God" whether by the current "evil doers" or local fundamentalists should be seen as delusional and treated as such. I propose that God is a non-verbal mental phenomenon in spite of all of the thought and literature related to the idea through history. All this is to say, if you have a right brain and it communicates with your left, you are spiritual, if not, pity you. The process demands silence and respect and art making certainly is one way to honor it on its own terms.

M Boben - Chicago, IL
Is it mystical trancendence or genetic transmission? Is art just a process of randomly mutating ideas now moved all the more faster in the information age? Or, is art the excrement of a mystical libido found in most but only cultivated by those who are consciously disatisfied with Dick Cheney? Or is art a spiritual act, because that way it better serves the shady religion or the shady capitalist? Is art made for sex, money, love, happiness, the future, the past, corporations, guilt, birth, life, our parents, lamas, Enya, phophecy, commerce, art schools, home decor, old farts? What? What do people mean when they say all of these things? Essence, expression, vastness, "I" am... I know this will come off sounding horribly arrogant, but I dare say that the vaguest notion of spiritual is so infinitly complex that we'll never be able as humans to answer it. In fact, I think when we try, especially with words, we end up dividing and conquering. Maybe we should question this activity itself...

Inga C.P. Miller - Norfolk, England
Just read your web page in my IT class.'am thrilled. I have been looking for an outlet for my ideas on the relationship between art, education and spirituality since I wrote a paper for my degree in FineArt in 1980. I called it "Creativity in Art and Creative Living", the key being a recognition of SYMBOLISM as the common connecting factor between art,religion and education. This makes SYMBOLIC INTERPRETATION an important factor not only in understanding art but in religious education also. Symbolic interpretation of the various faiths could become a fiirst step in a free choice of creed, or way of behaving, positively provoked through art experience, but without assertion of any 'pie in the eye'control, unless desired. etc etc..

Mona - Troy, NY
Art is an extension of my spiritual being (inner being - inner person). It brings me peace and solice. When creating my art, I become immersed in a world of my own. Everything else is shut out. I become exposed to myself. It's like a dance to a beat of shorts; very rhytmic at times. I am very shy about my art and sometimes I need coaxing to show it off. The creative spirit for me is so very personal that sometimes I even cry. The show art:21 is so very wonderful that the last 2 times I viewed the program I cried. How brave for every artist interviewed to expose themselves to a very private way of expression and giving it to the world to enjoy. Someday I hope to be so fortunate.

Meesto - NYC, NY
I am in love with Michele Theberge from Oakland. What A brilliant progressive woman! I would love to meet her if shes ever in NYC! I am An Artist and A spiritualist. The "ambiguity" that Mr. Guthrie refers to-is what is perfect about the word. In a world where definitions divide us, Spirituality can unite us through its mystical, cosmic ambiguity.

Michele Theberge - Oakland, CA
As an artist I feel there is a HUGE connection between the art I make and "spirituality". The word spirituality is so vastly broad but to me encompasses my inner life and greater self that exist beyond my personality self and body. The way that I create art, because it is so deeply intuitive is to me connecting deeply with the collective unconscious, the All-that-is, the God, if you will. This is why we sees waves of repeated imagery from artists in all corners who have never met or communicated with each other. Common themes emerge even without conscious contact among artists. The act of making art transcends time and can be for many what theologians consider a meditation or prayer as such. I become engrossed in the process spending hours layering, sanding, layering, drawing, glazing beyond all proportion to what I might reasonably paid for my time. But the western construct of time has little meaning for me in the studio. When we transcend the 4th dimension (time) we are able to access knowledge that goes beyond our small, limited intellects. Because art communicates to others through imagery, form, texture, shape, color, space it transcend simple, linear left brain understanding. It bypasses this limited understanding and goes straight to deeper aspects of ourselves. This is why words and photos rarely capture the palpating experience of standing before, listening to, walking in a powerful piece of art.

Cliff Guthrie - Bangor, ME
And Susan Dowling asks a good question for us, too, about whether we will find a spirituality that touches and benefits all humanity. Is spirituality something universal and general? Or is the power of art and religion best discovered by deep immersion in a particular discipline of practice?

Susan Dowling - Cambridge, MA
I want to thank Cliff Guthrie for alerting us to the dangers as well as the gifts of art and religion. This has to be one of the most important concerns the world faces today. We (individuals, religions, societies and governments) all must think more carefully and deeply about the world and humanity as we participate in the fields of art and religion. Can we find a spirituality that touches and benefits all of humanity? And one that causes respect for all religions and counters that which causes hatred and division ? How can we help bring this about?

E. Harris - Philadelphia, PA
What does spiritual mean? In that true art is a direct representation of part of the inner spirit of the artist yes, art is spiritual. That is why true art is so often rejected at first by non artists and why societies sometimes react so strongly against some kinds of art. The society itself cannot tolerate the spirit that is revealed usually a spirit of freedom although not always, sometimes just another way of seeing, or feeling.

Sharon - Silver Spring, MD
I think art isn't necessarily but definitely can be very "spiritual." As an artist who also very much defines herself as a Christian, I think of my work as explorations of the nature and meaning of life, the meaning of life, of relationship between people and between people and God. These sorts of considerations are what I would call "the spiritual."

The spiritual revolution is the only real revolution. Art seemed to me a very direct way of communication for this idea.

Cliff Guthrie - Bangor, Maine
Art and religion have seemingly always been connected for humanity, from prehistoric gravesites to medieval cathedrals to the contemporary that are showcased in this film series. I think good art and healthy religion share the experiences of creativity, awe, suffering, and risk. Both art and religion can be inspiring and dangerous (think about the use of art in propaganda, for example). I was struck by the fact that so many of the artists in this series are drawing from and struggling with their own religious upbringings, yet seemed reluctant to affirm them. Traditional religions have often been the chief patrons of the arts. But as the destruction of Buddhist statues in Afghanistan also shows, belief can breed iconoclasm and hatred. In our media-soaked, consumerist, and violent age, I think it is very for us to hold in our minds at the same time the enormous gifts and the enormous dangers of religion. Do we slip into ill-defined words like "spirituality" because we are uncomfortable with such ambiguity?

Bill - Elkin, NC
Art is definitely spiritual. In the Judeo- Christian tradition the act of creation is art. Art & spirituality are one. Art comes from the inner reaches of an artist's soul.

Dick Monasky - Johnson City, NY
I once had a professor who said that the best way to gain an understanding of a culture and its people is to study their art. How true. Through art we learn what people think, what they value, and most importantly how they see themselves as a part of all life. Art is a window to the soul and I believe that art is the physical expression of our spiritual nature. All the art that we create will some day pass away but the essence of our contribution to humanity expressed as our spiritual message will continue to influence people long after we are forgotten. Art is the vehicle we use to tell the world that we are a living spirit. My art is who I am.
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