Fantasy Art
Le Dragon ( The Dragon ) 2001

10" x 8" Acrylique - SOLD
I made this painting by order for the singer Dan DeGrado as cover to his CD album of music.

"The Dragon"
Dan DeGrado
For Sharon 3/28/-01
Copyright Dan DeGrado, Colorado

I caught a dragon by the tail and I'm holding on for the ride
Many have gone before; few have lived on the other side

I have two loves one is warm and kind the other like a wisp of smoke
Slips through my fingers, burns my throat and makes this my a joke

With tears in your eyes you cheer on my ride
The Dragon sears my soul
With fear in my heart my arms ache for you
The Dragon sets the seas to boil

I have this dragon by the tail; hope to mind heaven with you
And this illusive love of mine, forever I'll be true.

My compassionate friend I love you so
And yet I chase a wild scheme
If The Dragon favors us so well,
we'll find heaven and our dream.
We'll find heaven and our dream.

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