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The 4 Elements - 2008
4 paintings each one is 10 " x 48 " Acrylic

4 elements

The fire element 2008 - 10 " x 48 " Acrylic

FIRE: Dragon versus Passion: A woman holding a crystal ball showing couple.

Fire is desire. It is enthusiastic, warming, and the spark of life.It is passionate, emotional, untamed, the most powerful of energy forces, for it represents the force of the Spirit. It is a flame that flickers, or a blaze that destroys.. It glows in the Sun. It dances in the hearth, attracts the eye, and desire. It colors the blood. It is the pulse of our being

The air element 2008 - 10 " x 48 " Acrylic

AIR: Strong but calm also: A woman half flesh, half clear and transparent and a unicorn able to fly in the wind. The Element Air is thought. It is movement, contact, communication, and the stirrings of the mind. It is the flexibility of action - the quick, alert, sparkling and new. It reaches out and upward, down and inwards. It is buoyant,bending, yielding to the mood, yet strong and persistent.


The water element 2008 - 10 " x 48 " Acrylic

WATER: floating a half woman half seahorse.

Water is emotion. It feels, it dreams, it nurtures the heart.It refreshes, it cools, it is wet, fluid, heavy and mysterious, taking the shape of whatever contains it. Water is the food of life, and essential for life, for all things arose from the sea. It quenches the thirst of the earth made barren by fire and air .


The earth element 2008 - 10 " x 48 " Acrylic

EARTH; kind of a nymph with a horse associated to the forest and to the earth work.

Earth is stability. It is all things that bring nourishment, fullness, and fertility. It is our basic need and our basic-nests Earth is the ground beneath our feet, the foundation on which we build our life.

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